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Unite them by TheGreatestFrog
Unite them
I don't know why this image of Dalinar always pops in my mind whenever he has one of his visions. He always talks about needing to be restrained and yells random gibberish, so I always pictured him running around in circles flapping his arms like a maniac. I always wondered what was going through the mind of whoever was present when his first vision occurred.

Also, damn Adolin and that two-colored hair >: I

all characters (c) Brandon Sanderson
Preview: Bridge four by TheGreatestFrog
Preview: Bridge four
EDIT: I noticed I made some mistakes, mostly the slave brand, as the lower brand should be unique to Kaladin only. Also I re-read Shen's and Moash's introduction and noticed I had misread them; Shen is supposed to be short and Moash's scar is on the chin. And Kaladin's hair is supposed to be a little wavy.

Sketches of part of bridge four for an upcoming comic. The line-up might be a little hard to read (I tend to write small) but from left to right; Kaladin, Rock, Moash, Skar, Teft, Sigzil, Lopen, and Shen.

Just finished reading 'The Way of Kings' and I have fallen in love. To be honest it took me a long time to get into it (about 400-500 pages) as it started really slowly. But it took a sudden u-turn and became awesome! My favorite chapters were involving Kaladin and Bridge four, particularly Rock.

Also; I might have made some mistakes in appearances.

All characters (c) Brandon Sanderson
Eragon's new look by TheGreatestFrog
Eragon's new look
I like to believe that Oromis is just really passive aggressive and Eragon is to dumb to notice o v o

all characters (c) Christopher Paolini
Sims: Arya and Eragon by TheGreatestFrog
Sims: Arya and Eragon
Took a little Sims brake during my final exams. I decided to create Eragon and Arya for fun and made Arya pregnant. The look on Eragon's face when Arya started in labor was just too hilarious not to share. I somehow imagine that if those two do end up together and have a baby, this would happen; Arya pissed off because Eragon is to busy freaking out to help her

All characters (c) Christopher Paolini


- about me -

I love reading and writing stories based on my insane imaginasion. I love spending hours in the computer playing random games and watching random anime episodes. But most of all, I LOVE drawing comics :D

That's it folk. Go home.

I’ve been asked a lot about what characters, actors, and/or people I find the most attractive. It’s always been an awkward question for me since up until now I’ve been too shy to admit it. Even worse I have even faked fancying some characters, including Jak, the Avenger’s guys, Galbatorix and of course, Murtagh.

Before you start sending me hate mail I’m going to clarify that I’m not saying that Murtagh isn’t a good or interesting character and I certainly don’t hate him. Although I’ll admit that he is good looking and I certainly can understand why so many of you have a crush on him. However it is impossible for me to find him attractive and it all ties into my list of characters, celebrities, and others that I have a crush on or find irresistible attractive:


10. Korra from Legend of Korra

9. Josephine from Dragon age III

8. Elizabeth Taylor

7. Merill from Dragon age II

6. Judy from Tales of Vesperia

5. Serana from Skyrim

4. Scully from X-files

3. Orihime from Bleach

2. Morticia from the Adams family movies

1. Clea Duvall and Belle from Beauty and the Beast


Also, I’m gay.

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