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Hogwart's houses by TheGreatestFrog
Hogwart's houses
Featuring Robb Stark, Sherlock Holmes, Loki and Markiplier. After watching a Markiplier marathon tonight I thought to myself "He is such an hufflepuff" and thus the idea was born.

The girls at work told me about Pottermore and wanted me to be "sorted", I said I would be an Hufflepuff and they all laughed. And then I got sorted into Hufflepuff and their response was " ... oh". We're an odd group of people that are usually underestemated. And we live next to the kitchen Io3oI
Preview page 2 by TheGreatestFrog
Preview page 2
And then it all went to hell ...

Probably not the best idea in the world to have the two magic users stealth, but neadless to say we both failed the dice roll. Or as Helith's player mentioned: "well, there goes all the dignity of my character,"

Also, Calvin's player crit rolled (highest roll) which resulted in my biggest mistake in the game. Oh well, lesson learned. Never. Misjudge. A. Kobolt.
Preview page 1 by TheGreatestFrog
Preview page 1
Prieview of my Dungeon and dragons adventures. This is from, what? 8th, 7th campaign? Its in the middle of a long storyline where the Lord of lies have tricket the group to adventure into this cave and write a curtain message on the wall.

This was our 'epic' plan. The DM planned for this to be an small encounter but since we're the smartest group in excistance we decided instead to create this overly-complycated plan to defeat what turned out to be four mad kobolts .... the DM was just hiding his face in his hands

My character is the Psion, an arrogant elf that is in a huge denial that his poems are the worst things ever to be put on paper. Then we have the two bros Calvin and Hobbes, and Helith the psycho maniac. Two people were not include in the story; the mage and the orc Barbarian since the guys couldn't make it to the session. We just pretended that they followed behind, awfully silent and did not take part in the battle. I just choose to not draw them in since they technically didn't tribute anything.


- about me -

I love reading and writing stories based on my insane imaginasion. I love spending hours in the computer playing random games and watching random anime episodes. But most of all, I LOVE drawing comics :D

That's it folk. Go home.
and here I've been complaining on and on about how crappy my scan is when all I had to do was to change the resolution .... I'm slow sometimes. Been busy coloring a short preview from my dnd sessions and watching all the Cube movies (so far I've finished 1st who was great and creepy and the 2nd who sucked but was one of those so-bad-its-good)

I've thinking about drawing all of our dnd adventures, they're a ton of fun! Its funny that none of our 8-party group has died yet but somehow only 2 of the original characters remain; the orc Grendil who is a killing-machine on the battlefield but kind of shy in other aspects, and the evil, psychotic, greedy warlock tiefling (demonic being) Helith. Its funny that Helith has the biggest charisma of the group which means that people trust the red eyed,warlock, half-daemon the most. We're basically the insane group of adventure that throw themselves (literally at some point) into a deadly mission that can potentially kill them all just because it's Thursday. Combined with a DM that has made it his goal to kill us all - let's just say that some great stories are created in the mist of all the madness.
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Thanks for the fav :hug:
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Hey, what's up? 8D Also, :yummy-fly: Have a frog.
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I'm doing fine, how about you? :)

Awwww he's adorable ^3^
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I've been busy, and battling a bit of issues, but otherwise I'm okay.

Frogs are fun. By the way, some frogs scream.
TheGreatestFrog Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014
Aww, hope it's nothing serious :(

That sounds kind of creepy :I but they're still cute :3
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hi your art is hilarious and beautiful :glomp:
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Coming by to wish you an awesome frog filled birthday!
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thanks ^w^  and that would be really nice :3
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